Energy is abundant whether positive or negative. It is anywhere and everywhere. All the ancient civilizations used different interpretations of it. It is all around us whether or not we can see it. Negative energies create negative thoughts and actions that cause chaos in our lives and positive energy brings on bliss and happiness.
Fengshui, evolved from the ancient Chinese after observing natures energy forces that contribute to the living on our planet. The ancient Chinese by using astronomy to determine how the shift of stars and planets and applying them to see how it affects the magnetic field on earth and in turn the living organisms on earth. Together with proper calculations, the ancient Fengshui masters used this method to create and balance the positive and negative vibrations between the universe, earth and humans.
From that time onwards, Fengshui after years of research and development through various schools of thoughts, have evolvedFengshui today is much more complex than when it first originated although the basis are the same, our lifestyles and environments have changed through the ages. Some Fengshui concepts of a older age may not be applicable in our world today.

As most of us now live in a face paced ever-changing global community, the challenge for us to strike a balance between a successful career and a balanced family life is ever so challenging. Fengshui is not only about getting you rich and famous although there are some ways and methods to enhance that; it is about making your life a balanced and harmonious one by harnessing the positive ‘Chi’ or energy and dispersing of negative energy.