From a young age, Master Louis Cheung has have had great interest in Chinese Culture and history. In his early twenties, he had already began practicing Fengshui and aided people to avoid calamities and ward off bad luck.
After getting to know more of Liu Ren and Master Fong Hoi Yue and seeing the rave reviews he received through his website and books, I began to gain admiration and respect for Master Fong. This made me decide to travel to Hong Kong go under the tutelage of this great Master.

After overcoming many obstacles, I finally became a disciple learning Luk Yam Divine Magic. Master Fong treated me with mutual respect and did not have any airs around him unlike the impression I had of many famous Masters.

From then, I visited Master Fong in Hong Kong numerous times and underwent intensive training under him. Under the close watch and untiring intent of teaching this Divine art by Master Fong, I gradually came to  understand the essence of Liu Ren Divine Magic.

After returning back to Singapore, I began practicing Liu Ren Divine Magic and started to carry out rituals at my own altar. I managed to help many people in distress to achieve their goals and wishes. This made my confidence in Master Fong and Liu Ren Divine Magic even stronger.

In 2010 receiving the recognition and approval of Master Fong, I finally underwent the training to be a Teacher of Liu Ren Divine Magic myself. In the days to come, I hope to be able to achieve greater effects in my rituals and share with the world the benefits of Liu Ren Divine Magic and the charitable spirit of Shunto Metaphysics Association of Hong Kong( Registered Charity in Hong Kong SAR)

In 2011, The Divineway Metaphysics Association of Singapore was established to organise and carry out Charitable and Volunteering events.