Grand Master of Liu Ren Divine Magic(六壬仙法)

Grandmaster Lee Chun Feng(李淳風) was a Minister of the founding Tang Dynasty Court. He was well versed in Astronomy, Mathematics, Meteorology and Divination. He was born around 604 AD and rose to the heavens in 672 AD. His father was a local magistrate who later gave up his post to be a Taoist Priest. Grandmaster Lee received his early Taoist education at a young age.

Grandmaster Lee is still well know till today for his contributions to Astronomy, Mathematics and Meteorology . He also modified and corrected the Lunar Calendar, invented Astronomical equipment and compiled a text on Divination called the Yi Si Zhan(乙巳占) It is an important text in Chinese Divination and it also includes other important studies on Astronomy and Meteorology. He was also the first person in history who put a scale to wind speed a thousand years before Francis Beaufort.

Another famous piece of work that he complied with another leading Taoist Priest of that time Yuan Tian Gang(袁天罡) was nameTui Bei Tu (推背图)it is a Chinese book on prophecies made out of 60 pictures accompanied with a poem deciphering it. It is supposed to account for a event in time to come and has had its accuracy proven many times throughout Chinese History. It has also been widely compared to the works of famous western prophet Nostradamus.

According to historical records, He played an instrumental role in helping remove the tyrant Yang Guang of the Sui Dynasty from power and aided the Li family found the Tang Dynasty. He held the post of Chief Astronomer of the Royal Court (In those days its equal the personal adviser of the Emperor as many decisions made in court were based on the movement of the cosmos) He also held many other posts in the Royal court of Tang Dynasty Emperor Li Shi Min(李世民). During his days as a courtier, Li Shi Min consulted him intensely on the matters of the court and nation.

After bidding farewell to his governmental duties, he went into self seclusion and created his own Taoist Sect the Liu Ren Sect. After his passing, his disciples conferred upon him the title of ‘Grand Master of Liu Ren and continued to pass on his teachings till this day in the form of Mediation, Talisman Drawing, Rituals, and Chants with the goal of aiding people in need.

From a young age, Master Louis Cheung has have had great interest in Chinese Culture and history. In his early twenties, he had already began practicing Fengshui and aided people to avoid calamities and ward off bad luck.
After getting to know more of Liu Ren and Master Fong Hoi Yue and seeing the rave reviews he received through his website and books, I began to gain admiration and respect for Master Fong. This made me decide to travel to Hong Kong go under the tutelage of this great Master.

After overcoming many obstacles, I finally became a disciple learning Luk Yam Divine Magic. Master Fong treated me with mutual respect and did not have any airs around him unlike the impression I had of many famous Masters.

From then, I visited Master Fong in Hong Kong numerous times and underwent intensive training under him. Under the close watch and untiring intent of teaching this Divine art by Master Fong, I gradually came to understand the essence of Liu Ren Divine Magic.

After returning back to Singapore, I began practicing Liu Ren Divine Magic and started to carry out rituals at my own altar. I managed to help many people in distress to achieve their goals and wishes. This made my confidence in Master Fong and Liu Ren Divine Magic even stronger.

In 2010 receiving the recognition and approval of Master Fong, I finally underwent the training to be a Teacher of Liu Ren Divine Magic myself. In the days to come, I hope to be able to achieve greater effects in my rituals and share with the world the benefits of Liu Ren Divine Magic and the charitable spirit of Shunto Metaphysics Association of Hong Kong( Registered Charity in Hong Kong SAR)

In 2011, The Divineway Metaphysics Association of Singapore was established to organise and carry out Charitable and Volunteering events.

Energy is abundant whether positive or negative. It is anywhere and everywhere. All the ancient civilizations used different interpretations of it. It is all around us whether or not we can see it. Negative energies create negative thoughts and actions that cause chaos in our lives and positive energy brings on bliss and happiness.
Fengshui, evolved from the ancient Chinese after observing natures energy forces that contribute to the living on our planet. The ancient Chinese by using astronomy to determine how the shift of stars and planets and applying them to see how it affects the magnetic field on earth and in turn the living organisms on earth. Together with proper calculations, the ancient Fengshui masters used this method to create and balance the positive and negative vibrations between the universe, earth and humans.

From that time onwards, Fengshui after years of research and development through various schools of thoughts, have evolvedFengshui today is much more complex than when it first originated although the basis are the same, our lifestyles and environments have changed through the ages. Some Fengshui concepts of a older age may not be applicable in our world today.

As most of us now live in a face paced ever-changing global community, the challenge for us to strike a balance between a successful career and a balanced family life is ever so challenging. Fengshui is not only about getting you rich and famous although there are some ways and methods to enhance that; it is about making your life a balanced and harmonious one by harnessing the positive ‘Chi’ or energy and dispersing of negative energy.

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Taoist Liu Ren Sect Introduction
Liu Ren Divine Magic is a simple and convenient skill to master. Students need to provide their name and Date of Birth. The master will then write a letter and hold a ritual to invite the gods to witness the initiation ceremony. After which the letter is burnt to be reported to the gods. The students will then drink a bowl of talisman water which will help them ward of evil and bring about good luck. After which a ceremony will be held to ‘seal’ the student’s body using magical spells and chants. This is finalized by affixing a seal. After all this is done, the initiation process will be held (Also know as the crossing of Sect) . The student will receive the divine energy and will also be taught a magical verse to use when communicating with the divine.

In the past, people studied this ancient art mainly for self protection. As times have changed, students who learn these days usually do it mainly to help attune their energies to improve their Careers, People Affinity, Wealth Luck and Health.

Different Levels of Learning

Level 1 (Middle Sect)

Includes a Small Sect which is mainly for self protection, warding off evil. Students will also learn some basic spells to stop bleeding, dissolve bones, treat scalding, ward evil, treat headaches etc.

Level 2 (Big Sect)

Students will learn how to cultivate their energy and learn more advance spells and chants.

Level 3 (3 Mountain Sect)

Students will learn to draw talismans and increase their positive energy

Level 4 (5 Thunder Sect)

Students will be able to learn to draw more advanced talismans which include those that are related to Relationships and Wealth. They will also be able to learn chants and spells to aid them in improving their People Affinity and Wealth.

After this stage and personal training, students with further interests might raise the desire of being a Teacher to guide and accept students of their own themselves to the Master. They might also wish to specialise in particular fields of interest which include Rituals related to Wealth, Health, Relationships etc.

(Without the Master’s official decree and approval, disciple who accept students are unqualified and their students are not considered an official student of the Liu Ren Sect). Please check if the person you are learning from has a qualified approval from his/her master to teach as it will do more harm than good crossing under a fake master)

Criteria to learn

This is a skill that has no restrains to gender, age,occupation, race,nationality, religion background and prior knowledge. Students only need to have a sincere heart and strong belief.

There are no Taboos!

There are no restrictions of any sort and after becoming a student it can improve your general luck, help to ward of danger and prevent black magic. There are no side effects if you have crossed under a qualified master who has bestowed real teachings to you.

There is a secret password to every level and students have to memorize it by hard. This code is chanted whenever the student wants to invoke any spells or chants.

**Please note that the password should not be recited out loud nor should it be disclosed to anyone else. As such students have to respect and adhere to this this tradition as a rule.**

The words Liu Ren originated from an ancient Chinese Divination school. Its fundamentals are related to the positive and negative energies of the universe and in Chinese context related to the combination 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. Its name comes from the 6 positive combinations of the water element which states from heaven comes 1 positive water which on earth becomes 6 earthly branches.

The words Divine Magic is used because this is a divine art evolved from Taoist Deities.

6 Positive Waters: Ren Zi, Ren Yin, Ren Chen, Ren Wu, Ren Shen, Ren Xu


Ten Heavenly Stems: Jia (Positive Wood), Yi(Negative Wood), Bing (Positive Fire), Ding(Negative Fire),

Wu (Positive Earth), Ji (Negative Earth), Geng (Positive Metal), Xin (Negative Metal), Ren (Positive Water) ,Kui(Negative Water)


In the Chinese context, everything should be in balance and Negative energy is not a bad thing in this context and both positive and negative are required to attain a balance in this universe.( Yin is negative and Yang is Positive)

Grand Master Memorial Days:

Lunar 18th day of the Third Month (birthday)

22nd of the Sixth Month(Memorial)

Twelve Earthly Branches:

Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu ,Hai

The twelve earthly branches are used by the Chinese to denote the year, months, days and time. The 10 Heavenly branches combined with the 12 Earthly branches make up the Chinese Lunar Calendar.


*Although originating from the same roots, each Master’s Character, Qualification, Experience, Cultivation Education Background and Understanding might be different, thus the teachings of each Individual Master might vary. *