Grand Master of Liu Ren Divine Magic(六壬仙法)

Grandmaster Lee Chun Feng(李淳風) was a Minister of the founding Tang Dynasty Court. He was well versed in Astronomy, Mathematics, Meteorology and Divination. He was born around 604 AD and gained Enlightenment and attained immortality in 672 AD. His father was a local magistrate who later gave up his post to be a Taoist Priest. Grandmaster Lee received his early Taoist education at a young age.

Grandmaster Lee is still well know till today for his contributions to Astronomy, Mathematics and Meteorology . He also modified and corrected the Lunar Calendar, invented Astronomical equipment and compiled a text on Divination called the Yi Si Zhan(乙巳占) It is an important text in Chinese Divination and it also includes other important studies on Astronomy and Meteorology. He was also the first person in history who put a calculated and proposed a scale to wind speed a thousand years before Francis Beaufort.

Another famous piece of work that he complied with another leading Taoist Priest of that time Yuan Tian Gang(袁天罡) was named Tui Bei Tu (推背图)it is a Chinese book on prophecies made out of 60 pictures accompanied with a poem deciphering it. It is supposed to account for a event in time to come and has had its accuracy proven many times throughout Chinese History. It has also been widely compared to the works of famous western prophet Nostradamus.

According to historical records, He played an instrumental role in helping remove the tyrant Yang Guang of the Sui Dynasty from power and aided the Li family found the Tang Dynasty. He held the post of Chief Astronomer of the Royal Court (In those days its equal the personal adviser of the Emperor as many decisions made in court were based on the movement of the cosmos) He also held many other posts in the Royal court of Tang Dynasty Emperor Li Shi Min(李世民). During his days as a courtier, Li Shi Min consulted him intensely on the matters of the court and nation.

After bidding farewell to his governmental duties, he went into self seclusion and created his own Taoist Sect the Liu Ren Sect. After his passing, his disciples conferred upon him the title of ‘Grand Master of Liu Ren and continued to pass on his teachings till this day in the form of Mediation, Talisman Drawing, Rituals, and Chants with the goal of aiding people in need. His Tomb is located in present day Sichuan Province in China.