Product Description

Each Divine Titanium Talisman Armour is crafted from Air Craft Grade Titanium and blessed with Divine Energies. Each Armour can hold up to 5 Talismans and weigh a mere 12.66 grams. For individuals who have skin allergies, rest assure when wearing the Divine Titanium Talisman Armour as Titanium is one of the most inert metals in the world and is also widely used in the Air-Craft and Medical Industries. Some Medical studies also show that wearing Titanium has benefits in reducing

These Titanium Talisman Armours come in 2 finishes; Satin and Sand finishings and have 2 designs for the wearer to choose from.

Titanium also has properties to attract and capture oxygen and transfer it to the body. Oxygen is vital for pain relief and reduction of inflammation. Wearing titanium around specific areas helps reduce inflammation, by supplying oxygen to that specific area.

Each Divine Titanium Talisman Armour comes with a oil ring that makes super resistant to water